Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Shoe sex antics in Camden

Chilling outside the bar.
First off I must apologise for the quietness of late . 

It's been a cool summer so far here in somewhat sunny London and It's been a busy time in Beardiful man land: I've got a great new job, and oh you know setting up and organising a pop up roast restaurant in Bethnal green and the fact that I had a little birthday jaunt to Brighton with the Katietron. Both of which were super awesome but took up a lot of free time that I would have normally spent thinking about this sort of thing :D

But I'm back with a number of new blog posts going up over the next week so stay tuned.

So to business ...

The Katietron and i went for a wee mid week beverage or three up in Camden. so i thought I would bust out my shiny new Loakes brogues for the occasion. 

They truly are THE most comfortable shoes i have ever worn straight out of the box. I was a bit worried that they were too light in colour and that i would look like a total fucking douche bag hipster with them on but i think they worked well with the blue of my work shirt!I also wore my leather jacket that i bought at  Torp K√∂pcentrum,  Uddevalla Sweden a few years ago.

My new Loake brogues - in light tan - they feel like gloves they're so soft and comfortable.

The hat goes with me everywhere  - it so is my go to thing - shit hair...HAT! gonna rain? HAT! So, i make no apologies for the hat like ever!

My bestest cheesy grin! apparently i can't do blue steel it makes me look like I need a poo!

Hat  - Jaxxon caps
Shirt - Sears Automotive Work shirt
Jeans -Pike Brothers
Belt - Vintage
Shoes - Loakes

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