Thursday, 10 July 2014

I want my hair done right right!

First off I must apologise [AGAIN] i've been looking after a very poorly Momma beard - and seeing Black fucking Sabbath - these are mutually exclusive I feel but I managed it! I even managed to pull the covers off my car and give her a cheeky spin out!

So to business ...

"You're a greaser and rockabilly but yet you haven't posted any hair product posts" - I hear you say. Yeah well most of have been done to death and there's only so many times you can yawn and say layrite is great!

I have very fine hair and even if layrite is great it still weighs my hair down. So I've been looking for something us finer haired gentlemen can wear in our hair that doesn't make it flat as a pancake within 30 seconds of perfecting that quiff.
I've been using a fair number of hair products over the years - from high end pomades down to Vaseline and the ones that everyone rave about but they all suffer from the same problem. They aren't that versatile. If I want a slick back wet look I use one product. If I want a day pomade I have to use another . If I want a bit of height I use another. You get the picture. None have the wherewithal to mix it up and suit whatever mood I'm in.

Except when I went proper old school (and by that I mean 80s old school). And tried some of the legends hair gel.

Now I haven't used gel since I was at school. It was always pretty Shitty and made your hair break  and you ended up looking like a werewolf by the end of the night as it dried your hair out so much.

But... that was before I tried out The Legends London Maximum Hold Hair Gel

during the week i like to go for a more slicked back dry look and the gel supplies - just use a little on dry hair rubbed between the palm of your hands and a narrow toothed comb to pull your hair back to perfection. 

Add a little water to your hair before hand and it turns into a mid shine wet look gel to easily get that shiny glow that I like without having to wash my hair with fairy liquid for 3 days afterwards.

The Gels appearance is a little dated having an almost neon pink look to it but hey - i'm not shy about these things and the smell is pleasant but not overpowering.

All in all i'm always gonna be a sucker for a pomade but day to day when i wanna look sharp but don't want the hassle of washing pomade out or worrying about the cost of a washable pomade - i don't think you can get better than this stuff. 

you can check out their stockists list here or even better go and see Darius and Jack yourself here at the shop and get yourself a Grade A cut while you're there!

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