Thursday, 10 July 2014

I want my hair done right right!

First off I must apologise [AGAIN] i've been looking after a very poorly Momma beard - and seeing Black fucking Sabbath - these are mutually exclusive I feel but I managed it! I even managed to pull the covers off my car and give her a cheeky spin out!

So to business ...

"You're a greaser and rockabilly but yet you haven't posted any hair product posts" - I hear you say. Yeah well most of have been done to death and there's only so many times you can yawn and say layrite is great!

I have very fine hair and even if layrite is great it still weighs my hair down. So I've been looking for something us finer haired gentlemen can wear in our hair that doesn't make it flat as a pancake within 30 seconds of perfecting that quiff.
I've been using a fair number of hair products over the years - from high end pomades down to Vaseline and the ones that everyone rave about but they all suffer from the same problem. They aren't that versatile. If I want a slick back wet look I use one product. If I want a day pomade I have to use another . If I want a bit of height I use another. You get the picture. None have the wherewithal to mix it up and suit whatever mood I'm in.

Except when I went proper old school (and by that I mean 80s old school). And tried some of the legends hair gel.

Now I haven't used gel since I was at school. It was always pretty Shitty and made your hair break  and you ended up looking like a werewolf by the end of the night as it dried your hair out so much.

But... that was before I tried out The Legends London Maximum Hold Hair Gel

during the week i like to go for a more slicked back dry look and the gel supplies - just use a little on dry hair rubbed between the palm of your hands and a narrow toothed comb to pull your hair back to perfection. 

Add a little water to your hair before hand and it turns into a mid shine wet look gel to easily get that shiny glow that I like without having to wash my hair with fairy liquid for 3 days afterwards.

The Gels appearance is a little dated having an almost neon pink look to it but hey - i'm not shy about these things and the smell is pleasant but not overpowering.

All in all i'm always gonna be a sucker for a pomade but day to day when i wanna look sharp but don't want the hassle of washing pomade out or worrying about the cost of a washable pomade - i don't think you can get better than this stuff. 

you can check out their stockists list here or even better go and see Darius and Jack yourself here at the shop and get yourself a Grade A cut while you're there!

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Shoe sex antics in Camden

Chilling outside the bar.
First off I must apologise for the quietness of late . 

It's been a cool summer so far here in somewhat sunny London and It's been a busy time in Beardiful man land: I've got a great new job, and oh you know setting up and organising a pop up roast restaurant in Bethnal green and the fact that I had a little birthday jaunt to Brighton with the Katietron. Both of which were super awesome but took up a lot of free time that I would have normally spent thinking about this sort of thing :D

But I'm back with a number of new blog posts going up over the next week so stay tuned.

So to business ...

The Katietron and i went for a wee mid week beverage or three up in Camden. so i thought I would bust out my shiny new Loakes brogues for the occasion. 

They truly are THE most comfortable shoes i have ever worn straight out of the box. I was a bit worried that they were too light in colour and that i would look like a total fucking douche bag hipster with them on but i think they worked well with the blue of my work shirt!I also wore my leather jacket that i bought at  Torp K√∂pcentrum,  Uddevalla Sweden a few years ago.

My new Loake brogues - in light tan - they feel like gloves they're so soft and comfortable.

The hat goes with me everywhere  - it so is my go to thing - shit hair...HAT! gonna rain? HAT! So, i make no apologies for the hat like ever!

My bestest cheesy grin! apparently i can't do blue steel it makes me look like I need a poo!

Hat  - Jaxxon caps
Shirt - Sears Automotive Work shirt
Jeans -Pike Brothers
Belt - Vintage
Shoes - Loakes

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Style God Magnum P.I. Summer casual goodness

When I was growing up Darren gravelle and I used to collect matchbox toy cars. We used to act out car chases and the like in our bedrooms as boys are want to do.

Jonathan Higgins 

Now most precious of the collection of cars was the magnum Ferrari aka the Ferrari 308gts. Mainly because in the days before the internet and netflicks all we had to entertain is on those cold winter evenings was the vhs box set of magnum pi. [It's like a Avi file but real!]

Magnum and the Ferrari 308 GTS

Magnum pi was set on Hawaii and starred Tom selleck. As an ex Vietnam veteran come private investigator who lived by his wits and often came a cropped to the fatherly Higgins' strict rules. If you get a chance go and check it out. It's a little dated now but shares a lot with modern day police procedurals.

Magnum is employed on the Hawaiian estate of a wealthy owner; Successful writer Robin Masters. The estate is run by Jonathan Higgins who mostly tolerates Magnum's presence as head of security on the estate.

Ive always loved how he looked and I have taken todays sun as a sign to go for the look today as it's a bit retro. I love wearing Hawaiian shirts though as they are a bit peacocky and always get you noticed.

Hawaiian Shirt from Rokit Clothing

Bowling shoes - Misappropriated from a Bowling alley!

Have a good week folks!

Friday, 25 April 2014

Girls Don't like boys girls like Beards and Pies!! aka Beard of the week #1

Firstly I apologise for the lack of posts this week but I have been a very busy boy making pork pies! [i kid you not]

The proof is in the pudding!

So the first inaugural beard of the week honour goes to Theo - co owner and operator of the Hawkhurst vault and lovely new tea room on brick lane just next to the Tatty Devine shop!! He sells a great selection of hand picked teas at reasonable prices and has a dab hand at making coffee too!

Theo looking rather dashing in his leather apron and suspenders

He's been growing his epic mutha of a beard for about eight months give or take a month and I.think it's looking pretty God damn awesome.

Go to the shop and you can stare at Theo in all his beardie glory! Or you can drink tea and ask if you can stroke it ! He really doesn't mind. In fact he encourages it!

Go check them out!!


The Hawkhurst Vault on Brick Lane, London.

Friday, 18 April 2014

I wore a tie - A mutha frakking tie!

I've been trying to raise my game a little when it comes to situations that require me to be a little smarter.

I've never been one for going all out smart but here goes.

My new jaxon hat that I posted about yesterday got it's first real world try out and It's really growing on me the overall size of the hat bothered me at first but I am getting used to it. Once i'd done a number on the Peak [i normally roll them up and stick them in my back pocket for a couple of hours so that they stay rounded.]

The tie I have had for Quite a few years - It is a silk tie from the 1960s it has no makers tags or anything on it but it's one of my favourites.

I always try to stay classic with my sunnies and these match my regular Optical Ray ban Clubmaster glasses so are a perfect match for the summer. 

Cap From Jaxon Hats

Shirt Vintage - from a Deal Charity shop

Tie Silk 1960s Vintage

So did I succeed at doing smart casual?

Lemme know!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Springtime cap hour with Jaxon caps

This morning I got a new Jaxon cap in the Post!

It's a lighter weight version of the 8 Panel baker boy hat that I wear almost religiously come rain or shine. But It's just too warm a hat to wear out now that spring is coming.

While this one is still wool - it's been mixed with polyester and has a lighter weave than my regular baker boy cap.

I am normally a 59 hat size and the medium fits pretty well. The general size of the hat, and by that i mean the girth and size rather than fit, is a bit on the small size compared to what I'm used too. I like my baker boy hats oversized and pretty big on my head but this one is a little on the small size.

as you can see from the photos.

It is, however, nice and light and will suit me very well in the on coming spring warmth.

and I look forward to not having my head boiled to a crisp!

A nice simple weave pattern

My usual Baker boy cap [note the difference in overall hat size]

Do you wear a hat? what kind of hat do you wear in the summer? Let me know!!

Monday, 14 April 2014

Shorts and tattoos and king joffrey

Just a quick little post today as I've been a bit busy with stuff like brunch and short work meetings today

The shorts are officially out today as springtime has some what arrived in old London town and with it my almost snow white legs. Ever the public servant I aimed to bring a little reflected light from my legs into Londoners lives.

After a long winter cooped up in heavy weight denim and woolen plaid shirts it's quite nice to just wear a t shirt and shorts. 

I had my 39THIRTY Braves cap on before I left the house but as i'd slicked my hair back with a mixture of sweet Georgia Brown Blue and Red I decided to take my hat off as it was so sunny.

The Rob Zombie T is one of my favourite T shirts - everyone comments on it when i wear it out and always in a good way!

The Shorts I bought from a Stall at the hotrod hayride last year and they're really good and hard wearing with wear bands round the knees so they're good for skating in.

The Leather converse are THE best pair I have ever owned the soles are about to blow out but the upper is good for another year. Now if i could only get these buggers re-soled!

The Metalman Level Necklace

If you're on the lookout for men's [or women's] jewellery that's a little out of the ordinary then you'd better check out Metalman Jewellery The make most things from Hex nuts in their stall come workshop in Margate in Kent. and they're a couple of really awesome people. If you're down on the south coast go check them out at the Rough trade market in Margate's Old Town or hook up with them online here!

The Metalman Hex nut Bracelet

Close up of my Custom job on my vest [Unfinished] 

My Leg tattoos

It's Game Of Thrones night tonight So...time to giggle at the people who haven't read the books watching the show :D

Thursday, 10 April 2014

GAME ON! - the Sports Jersey Shizzle

My love for sports jerseys goes back a long way. From searing my team colours out on a Saturday afternoon when I was young. 

To dreaming of owning some of the exotic jerseys I saw America's teams wear on tv and in films they have always had a quixotic effect on me.

Perhaps they conjure more than anything that Americanesque atmosphere that surrounded me in my youth. From the ads for sea monkeys and x-Ray specs in my copies of the marvel comics to the strange but kooky films and tv shows I loved . Such as "stand by me" or "eerie Indiana" to the quintessential teen movies of John Hughes or John Waters. They embody that American spirit and cultural freedom of the fifties and sixties when the rest of the world was just beginning to discover coke or the hamburger.

Me at the HHOF - in the replica Forum locker room!

Montreal Canadiens Carey Price centenary jersey - Reebok

Nicaraguan baseball Jersey - bought at value village - I think this is from the 1980s but if anyone has anymore info on this please let me know !!

I really began to know what sports collecting was about when I went to visit a couple of people who made me see it in a whole new light.

First of all was my visit to Marcel Dionne in Niagara. He has a restaurant (run by his daughter) and a treasure trove of NHL goodies that I spent an hour crawling through.
After speaking to the great man and having my photo taken in front of the wall of Stanley cups.  

Me, Dionne and ALL the Stanley Cups!

He gave me a signed player card! I left grinning like small boy on Christmas morning.  I will treasure it and the strong feelings that day had on me!

Marcel Dionne's Signed player Card

The Next was when I went to visit A friends Collection of Hockey sticks. and when i say hockey sticks I mean that the collection contains sticks from every one of Hockey's 500 club most of which are autographed!

The evening had a distinct effect on me. It cuddled up to my inner geek, my inner, stats fan, my inner... oh god it was just amazing.  

Holding Wayne Gretsky's Easton Aluminum Stick.

The First 10 of the 500 club

Maurice Richard
Gordie Howe
Bobby Hull
Jean Beliveau
Frank Mahovlich
Phil Esposito
Johnny Bucyk
Stan Mikita
Marcel Dionne
Guy Lafleur

Jean Beliveau

Maurice "the Rocket" Richard's Stick/signature

Mats Sundin's unfeasibly long stick! 

Someone give me loads of money to spend on all this stuff! :D

Postal orders accepted to the usual address!