Monday, 14 April 2014

Shorts and tattoos and king joffrey

Just a quick little post today as I've been a bit busy with stuff like brunch and short work meetings today

The shorts are officially out today as springtime has some what arrived in old London town and with it my almost snow white legs. Ever the public servant I aimed to bring a little reflected light from my legs into Londoners lives.

After a long winter cooped up in heavy weight denim and woolen plaid shirts it's quite nice to just wear a t shirt and shorts. 

I had my 39THIRTY Braves cap on before I left the house but as i'd slicked my hair back with a mixture of sweet Georgia Brown Blue and Red I decided to take my hat off as it was so sunny.

The Rob Zombie T is one of my favourite T shirts - everyone comments on it when i wear it out and always in a good way!

The Shorts I bought from a Stall at the hotrod hayride last year and they're really good and hard wearing with wear bands round the knees so they're good for skating in.

The Leather converse are THE best pair I have ever owned the soles are about to blow out but the upper is good for another year. Now if i could only get these buggers re-soled!

The Metalman Level Necklace

If you're on the lookout for men's [or women's] jewellery that's a little out of the ordinary then you'd better check out Metalman Jewellery The make most things from Hex nuts in their stall come workshop in Margate in Kent. and they're a couple of really awesome people. If you're down on the south coast go check them out at the Rough trade market in Margate's Old Town or hook up with them online here!

The Metalman Hex nut Bracelet

Close up of my Custom job on my vest [Unfinished] 

My Leg tattoos

It's Game Of Thrones night tonight So...time to giggle at the people who haven't read the books watching the show :D

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