Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Springtime cap hour with Jaxon caps

This morning I got a new Jaxon cap in the Post!

It's a lighter weight version of the 8 Panel baker boy hat that I wear almost religiously come rain or shine. But It's just too warm a hat to wear out now that spring is coming.

While this one is still wool - it's been mixed with polyester and has a lighter weave than my regular baker boy cap.

I am normally a 59 hat size and the medium fits pretty well. The general size of the hat, and by that i mean the girth and size rather than fit, is a bit on the small size compared to what I'm used too. I like my baker boy hats oversized and pretty big on my head but this one is a little on the small size.

as you can see from the photos.

It is, however, nice and light and will suit me very well in the on coming spring warmth.

and I look forward to not having my head boiled to a crisp!

A nice simple weave pattern

My usual Baker boy cap [note the difference in overall hat size]

Do you wear a hat? what kind of hat do you wear in the summer? Let me know!!

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