Saturday, 29 March 2014

You must be a wrestler! [from Borough Market to the WWE]

Jeans  - Farah Straight legged Dark Denim

Today was family day and a wee outing to Borough Market to get me some MEAT and BREAD for my breakfast!! This was a really bad idea. While my roasted rib beef sandwich with creamed horseradish was absolutely amazing. The foreign students who were unable to walk, have any sense of spatial awareness, or manners was simply too much too bear!
The place was totally packed! GRRRRR!!! I don't do well in busy environments. I'm too polite and expect everyone else to be polite too! Fuckers!! today was pretty nice weather wise so I discarded my jacket for a waistcoat and flannel shirt as it was vaguely spring like outside.  My shoes I bought from a market shop in  Finsbury Park - everyone loves the shoes including me.

Borough Market

Shirt  - Vintage - From Value Village in Canada
Braces/Suspenders - Vintage - Camden Market

Vest/Waistcoat - Vintage - from Camden Market

two tone brogues - Market shop in Finsbury Park

Later in the day a boy in a shop saw my tattoos and said to me that "you must be a wrestler?" Then his mum told him to be quiet. Then he said "but look at his tattoos he must be a wrestler!" I'm not going to argue with him! 

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