Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The Beard of Destiny

For many years I chose to have mutton chops instead of a full beard [as you can see below]. and i'd never really thought about growing out a full beard. I had my chops and I was happy as larry. Until this last winter when I woke up one frosty morning and decided to go "Full Beard". 

The Mutton Chop Years

I was expecting loads of itching and stress and wanting to tear my face off and regretting ever having made the decision to grow a frakking beard!

It was, however, a breeze. None of hose things happened it just grew...like, you know, hair does.

I have a couple of pointers that I would like to share though.

Beards, Bearding, OIl

1. - BEARD OIL! 

This bitch is essential - you'll need to put back some moisture into your beard as you're growing it out. Regular Hair conditioners kinda work but they just don't have the ooomph that a beard oil has. 

They help with the itch as well putting back a little as your face gets accustomed to all that hair hanging off your chin. I have been using "Bear Faces's" Spicy Beard oil.

You only need a tiny amount and rub it in well making sure it's well absorbed by all the hair and your face. Use too much and you'll have a shiny beard but this will soon be sucked into your hungry face.

There's lots of good stuff in it for your aging face! not that mine's aging you understand :/

Ingredients Apricot Kernel Oil, Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Amber, Frankincense, Sandalwood Amyris, Ho Wood and Neroli. 

The site helpfully points out that Argan oil is Nut based so if you have a nut allergy then you might want to steer clear of this! No one wants to have to epi-pen your chin!

I love the fragrance which is err... spicy, warm and i really like it and it goes really well with my aftershave. Although I would have like the smell to be stronger so that I could just get away with putting on the oil and not wasting my time with another product!

Still the best thing to slap on your beard and i've tried a few. Go now and check em and their other great grooming products out now!

£18.50 for a sexy little 30ml bottle.

Bear Face Spicy Beard Oil

2.  Keep It Trimmed

The best advice would be to go to a trained barber once a month hand over your fiver and get your beard trimmed professionally. They'll be able to give your beard shape and form that you will not be able to achieve at home with £20 clippers.

But if you are going to trim at home then go to a professional hair suppliers such as Paks or Sallys and spend a little bit of money on your clippers. most clippers that are £50 or above should suffice but no one said having a beard was gonna be cheap? 

Clippers are for cutting - trimmers are for edging!

I use my Wahl  Super taper Clippers that I use at work and the are more than capable for any beard. 

Gotta keep that bitch tamed!

I will do a full review of trimmers and beard trimming at a later date. So keep em peeled.

All oiled up and ready to ROCK!

So how do you Maintain your beard? Let me know in the comments below!

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