Monday, 31 March 2014

Weekly Outfit Wish list #1

Good morning!

It's the first of my weekly Outfit Wishlists!

 This week I want things from The Pike Brothers, Lock & co Hatters. And Red WIng Boots. All very beautiful stuff! 

I am becoming quite obsessed with the Vest/Plaid/Braces combo of late so I guess this outfit hits all of that. perfect for this intermittent spring weather we've been having in the UK.

I've been kinda fed up with the rockabilly uniform of black t shirt and jeans. So I have been actively Looking for other outfits that tickle my vintage Americana bells without going too far away from my roots.

Best start Earning some dollar then so I can afford all this gorgeous shit!

Keep On Rockin'  - - Steveo

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