Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Style God Magnum P.I. Summer casual goodness

When I was growing up Darren gravelle and I used to collect matchbox toy cars. We used to act out car chases and the like in our bedrooms as boys are want to do.

Jonathan Higgins 

Now most precious of the collection of cars was the magnum Ferrari aka the Ferrari 308gts. Mainly because in the days before the internet and netflicks all we had to entertain is on those cold winter evenings was the vhs box set of magnum pi. [It's like a Avi file but real!]

Magnum and the Ferrari 308 GTS

Magnum pi was set on Hawaii and starred Tom selleck. As an ex Vietnam veteran come private investigator who lived by his wits and often came a cropped to the fatherly Higgins' strict rules. If you get a chance go and check it out. It's a little dated now but shares a lot with modern day police procedurals.

Magnum is employed on the Hawaiian estate of a wealthy owner; Successful writer Robin Masters. The estate is run by Jonathan Higgins who mostly tolerates Magnum's presence as head of security on the estate.

Ive always loved how he looked and I have taken todays sun as a sign to go for the look today as it's a bit retro. I love wearing Hawaiian shirts though as they are a bit peacocky and always get you noticed.

Hawaiian Shirt from Rokit Clothing

Bowling shoes - Misappropriated from a Bowling alley!

Have a good week folks!

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