Thursday, 10 April 2014

GAME ON! - the Sports Jersey Shizzle

My love for sports jerseys goes back a long way. From searing my team colours out on a Saturday afternoon when I was young. 

To dreaming of owning some of the exotic jerseys I saw America's teams wear on tv and in films they have always had a quixotic effect on me.

Perhaps they conjure more than anything that Americanesque atmosphere that surrounded me in my youth. From the ads for sea monkeys and x-Ray specs in my copies of the marvel comics to the strange but kooky films and tv shows I loved . Such as "stand by me" or "eerie Indiana" to the quintessential teen movies of John Hughes or John Waters. They embody that American spirit and cultural freedom of the fifties and sixties when the rest of the world was just beginning to discover coke or the hamburger.

Me at the HHOF - in the replica Forum locker room!

Montreal Canadiens Carey Price centenary jersey - Reebok

Nicaraguan baseball Jersey - bought at value village - I think this is from the 1980s but if anyone has anymore info on this please let me know !!

I really began to know what sports collecting was about when I went to visit a couple of people who made me see it in a whole new light.

First of all was my visit to Marcel Dionne in Niagara. He has a restaurant (run by his daughter) and a treasure trove of NHL goodies that I spent an hour crawling through.
After speaking to the great man and having my photo taken in front of the wall of Stanley cups.  

Me, Dionne and ALL the Stanley Cups!

He gave me a signed player card! I left grinning like small boy on Christmas morning.  I will treasure it and the strong feelings that day had on me!

Marcel Dionne's Signed player Card

The Next was when I went to visit A friends Collection of Hockey sticks. and when i say hockey sticks I mean that the collection contains sticks from every one of Hockey's 500 club most of which are autographed!

The evening had a distinct effect on me. It cuddled up to my inner geek, my inner, stats fan, my inner... oh god it was just amazing.  

Holding Wayne Gretsky's Easton Aluminum Stick.

The First 10 of the 500 club

Maurice Richard
Gordie Howe
Bobby Hull
Jean Beliveau
Frank Mahovlich
Phil Esposito
Johnny Bucyk
Stan Mikita
Marcel Dionne
Guy Lafleur

Jean Beliveau

Maurice "the Rocket" Richard's Stick/signature

Mats Sundin's unfeasibly long stick! 

Someone give me loads of money to spend on all this stuff! :D

Postal orders accepted to the usual address! 

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